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APPLICATION CLOSED, we are full for the moment.
Send your application anyway, we archive requests just in case.


Do you want to join a label?
Here are our artists :

Whatever the conditions, send your application, because we archive the requests if we are looking for an artist, even without certain conditions.

With us, we work with artists like Le Wanski, SiTTe, Narkostick and others.

We are looking for major artists with a minimum of 10,000 / 15,000 listenings per music, except in exceptional cases and 1 music every 2 months mandatory.

In the following genres: Tribecore / Hardtek / Acidcore / Frenchcore / Tekno / Mental / Melodic from the genres just before.

You must be at least 18 years old.

Our label is between independence and a standard label.

The contract we make is not a hiring, nor an artist contract.

We make a service contract (ONLY FR : Full explanation here).

What do we do ?

Unlike a normal label, our label is of the display type.
We do not produce in the studio but we share your music on our network, which is small at the moment.
We buy a license for you and we upload your music to stores like spotify and others with our label license.

We recover 25% T.T.C on your profits.

Of course we take care of everything, you have nothing to do.
We make the transfer from bank to bank, utip, tipeee, patreon or to skrill.
We do not have paypal.
To have a profit, you need a community active on the streams (Genre 100,000 people).
We will have a clothing store like teespring for example.

You will have a visual with our equalizer for your youtube channel, it is mandatory.
If you don't have youtube, we can make one for you, with editing.
You will be free premium on panthergie.
You will be shared on other networks like nareku and panthergie.
We manage everything related to the web.
Bien sûr vous pouvez le faire vous même, vous gagnerez donc tous les bénéfices, c'est un choix à réfléchir.

The label will have access to your accounts : Facebook page (No need for your password), Youtube and Soundcloud.

However by joining our label, we just ask that you quote our label with a link in the descriptions of your sounds and profiles.
We are the only ones who have access to shops and streams.
You commit for 2 years and it is renewable.

Send an email to :

We will study your profile.
The more you share the same style we offer, the more chances you have.
We are rather in the melodic normally.